Dreams do come true! Indeed, this is what our lovely couple, Mike and Yums, have proven on this memorable day.

Our bride dreamt of a perfect and beautiful wedding just like in the movies and fairy tales. Even her Lola Lulu wished for this for her dear granddaughter. Tonight, let us enjoy Mike and Yum’s Same Day Edit Video as we celebrate dreams!

Video: Ian Celis
Photo: Francis Perez
Bridal Couture: Rajo Laurel
Bridal Make-Up: Madge Landrito Lejano
Event Stylist: Jo Romero Claravall
Catering: Bizu Catering Studio
Wedding Cake: The Delightful Miss Joyce
Music: Sound Salad by Nina Comsti
Coordination: Bespoke Manila by Ernest Pascual

Music Licensed through musicbed.com
Shadow Me by Sara Masterson
Perfect Kiss by Marie Hines

In the passage of time, we create memories. Some we forget, a few we will never realize its value. But some, we will hold on to and remember for the rest of our days for these are the seconds we give our lives a deeper meaning. I bet Clinton remembers vividly the first time he laid eyes on Patricia. From then on, the seconds, the minutes and the hours didn’t matter anymore. He found his life and that is all that matters.

Video: Ian Celis Productions
Photo: Bryan Venancio Photography
HMU: Chinky Tanjangco Makeup Artistry
Coordination: Eventcetera Planning & Design by Maja
Hotel: Taal Vista Hotel
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Antonio’s Tagaytay
Master of Ceremonies: Eri Neeman
Wedding Band: 3rd Avenue

Music Licensed through musicbed.com
Who We Said We Are by CHPTRS
Sparks by Fleurie

The FIRST LOOK is always one for the books. It is not commonly practiced here in the Philippines but some of our couples have it on their wedding day. It is during this time when the bride and the groom, all made up and in their wedding garb, away from their wedding guests, meet and see each other for the first time before heading to the ceremony.

To see it right in front of our eyes is a defining moment in our lives as visual storytellers. Why? We see the reason why we hold on to our cameras and shoot weddings. All of the emotions and reactions of the couple during that moment, precious and raw in its form, deserve to be captured and translated to a story to be told, time and again. A story that will last ad infinitum. One that when you see, over and over again, will transport you back to that first time you saw what living and loving is all about. To be able to share to you a story like that, defines us and our love for our craft.

We definitely felt how much Ryle and Carolin love each other during their first look. To see and feel it was breathtaking. Let me show you why.

Video: Ian Celis Productions
Photo: Anne Naig Photography
HMU: Chinky Tanjangco Makeup Artistry
Coordination: Kiss The Girl Events
Venue: Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Music Licensed through musicbed.com
Write My Name (Alternate Mix) by CHPTRS
Write My Name (Alternate Mix) [Instrumental] by CHPTRS

It was a case of willpower losing over emotions. Christian did try to stop his teardrops when he saw his bride, Jeandy. But it was pointless. I mean, how do you suppress your happiness when you see your true love walk down the aisle towards you? Emotions can’t be hidden, Christian. 🙂

Video: Ian Celis Productions
Photo: Anne Naig Photography
Coordination: Events Embassy
HMU: Gem Uy
Florist: Dangwa Flowers by Clint Carl
Hotel: Eastwood Richmonde Hotel
Church: Saint John Paul II Parish
Reception Venue: Glass Garden

Music Licensed through musicbed.com
We’ve Come So Far – Instrumental by Robert Shirey Kelly
We’ve Come So Far by Robert Shirey Kelly
Believe by Secret Nation

Indeed, there is magic when stars align. Dreams are fulfilled and lives lived like never before. And every day brings new discoveries, new learnings, growth and better persons because if when amongst the bazillion of stars in the universe, ours find each way to each other, what more can we ask for?

Video: Ian Celis Productions
Photo: Pat Dy
Wedding Dress: Oscar de la Renta
Make Up: Albert Kurniawan
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Masia Ribas
Event Styling: Bodas de Cuento, The Wedding Designers

Music Licensed through musicbed.com
You & Me by Ed Patrick
Easy Tiger by Michael Rossback
Yours by Robert Shirey Kelly