ICPon Set: Episode 10

Audio is very crucial in any video. It can make or break your film. We are curious to see what’s inside the box of the Tascam DR-10L. Thank you Jorel De Castro of Prime Focus Video Accessories Store!

ICP on Set: Episode 9

Win a Raptor 5000X Case! Watch Episode 9 to know how you can join our Raptor Giveaway! Special thanks to Boss Jaybert Azarcon and Raptor Ph! Shout out to Alf Alba of A Vision Cutomized!

Paolo + Keena

Finally. A new season begins for Paolo and Keena. The journey might seem long but the 8 amazing years since that random day they first saw each other at that apartment in Melbourne led them to the special place where they are today. Who would’ve thought, they’d say. A new chapter unfolds. This time sweeter, …

ICP on Set: Episode 7

There’s more to the Moza AirCross 2 than meets the eye! Watch this episode to find out what’s inside the box and how to balance a camera on this handy pro-grade gimbal.