We had the chance to work with Pinoy Pop Superstar Grand Winner Jonalyn Viray in the making of her music video for her popular, original song Help Me Get Over. Help Me Get Over ruled the airwaves as the themesong of primetime TV show My Husband’s Lover aired at GMA Channel 7. Jona, as we call her, was game and hands-on in the production process. Enjoy the video and sing along with it!

Help Me Get Over (Official Music Video)
Concept: Ian Celis Productions
Producer: Creative Media Entertainment
Directors: Cesar Apolinario & JD Cruz
Director of Photography: Ian Celis
Production Manager: Anne Naig
Cinematographers: Ian Celis, John Dela Torre, Aris Magayanes, Cedrick Tabares, Michael Jamandre
Colorist: John Marvi de Guzman of Cinemaworks Wedding Art Film

We’ve been doing same-day-edit videos for a very long time but there are only two occasions where the people applauded vigorously for the SDE and demanded to play it once more. And those two occasions were both in Kythe Summer Camps, in Quezon last year and this year in Camp Explore in Antipolo.

It’s our second year to partner with Kythe and each year we make sure that we not only spend time with the kids and have fun with them but also give them something to remember the happy experiences during their stay in the camp. And these are the same-day-edit videos we play on the last day of camp, before we bid each others goodbyes.

Now, we share with you this year’s SDE we prepared for the Kythe kids. Watch the fun filled activities we did during our 3-day stay in Camp Explore. We hope that through this video, you’ll be able to feel the happiness of the kids. We wish, that like us, you’ll be inspired by the steadfast hope and bold courage they’ve shown us.

Kything: An Ian Celis Productions Documentary Film from Ian Celis on Vimeo.

There is a better world out there. It happens in the eyes of a child, in moments when the simplest of things bring smiles to their faces. It occurs when little acts of kindness inspire people. It is when despite boundaries, we make a difference.

“Tsinelas” a documentary film by John de Guzman from John de Guzman on Vimeo.