Clinton + Patricia

In the passage of time, we create memories. Some we forget, a few we will never realize its value. But some, we will hold on to and remember for the rest of our days for these are the seconds we give our lives a deeper meaning. I bet Clinton remembers vividly the first time he …

Rio + Emmy

Having been together for nine years and blessed with two beautiful daughters, one can see the love that have grown through the years between our charming couple, Emmy & Rio. Delight in the love they have nurtured as you watch our SDE, and don’t try to put off that smile, or maybe tears from your …

Sonnie + Karen: Prenup Photos

Love conquers all. It may sound cliche but Sonnie defied his fear of heights during this prenup shoot, all for the love of Karen.

Dale + Ehly: Wedding Photos

Time is forever frozen in these stills from Dale and Ehly’s wedding. Their wedding was one of the coziest and warmest we’ve covered. There was so much love and happiness among everyone who came that day. – Anne Both are working as engineers for a flight simulation company. Dale, however, is based in Oklahoma while …

Edwin + Fatima: Prenup Photos

Summer is love. Love is summer. It brings in the sun. It lights up the whole wide world. Sharing with you a set from Edwin + Fatima’s prenup pictorial. Their roadtrip to forever starts this summer. Styled by Roko Arceo